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Do you know what you want but just can't seem to find someone to make it come to life? Maybe you know you need a logo but have no idea where to start. Mama Bee Marketing can design the perfect logo for you and your business.

We have experience designing logos in so many industries. If you're looking for something super simple and modern, or bold and unique we got you covered either way.



I want to hear it. I want it to hear it all. Tell me all your hopes and dreams you have for your logo. Give me all your ideas about what you've been envisioning for your business. We can meet on zoom, in person, or speak on the phone. 


Unlike a lot of other marketing companies I don't know whats going to happen creatively until I'm in the zone. From our consultation I'll be able to put together the perfect logo based on your needs.


In a few days time we'll present to you 2-3 options for logos based on what we've discussed. From here we want your feedback! Tell us what you love, what you hate, and we'll get back to work to create the perfect logo you're 100% happy with.


We've got it right, and now you're 100% happy with your new logo. All logo files are yours to own! You will receive a file suitable for any and all branding needs and the design file for any future editing needs.


Lets say 6 months from now you want to change your branding colors on your logo. Or you're heading in a more corporate direction and your logo no longer represents the message you want to send. Most logo revisions do cost a small fee but Mama Bee Marketing has you covered! We own your files for up to 1 year if you've misplaced them, and resending logo files that have already been purchased are always free!

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