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Have you tried to create a website on your own? Have you gotten frustrated and quit? Maybe you've hired another company already and they wanted you to write all your content and it got overwhelming? 

Mama Bee Marketing is here to alleviate all of that. We are here to create your website AND your content too! Every website you see in our portfolio has been created from scratch, content included by Mama Bee Marketing. We'll write your about section, we'll write your service descriptions, we'll even construct your gallery if you need us to. 

We make this process easy for you.



I want to hear it. I want it to hear it all. Tell me all your hopes and dreams you have for your company. Give me all your ideas about what you've been envisioning for your business. We can meet on zoom, in person, or speak on the phone. 


Unlike a lot of other marketing companies I don't know whats going to happen creatively until I'm in the zone. From our consultation I'll be able to put together the perfect website based on your needs.


Roughly 2 weeks later I will present to you a draft of your website. This is where I want your input! I will say about 90% of the time, my clients LOVE whats presented and are ready to go live immediately. But if we missed the mark somewhere, this is where we discuss and perfect your vision.


Now we've reviewed everything and you're 100% satisfied with the finished product, it's time to go live! Connected to your own personal domain your website will now be viewable to the public. 


Lets say a few weeks after your site is completed you get a new team member and need to add their name and photo to the website. No problem! Minor changes like these are free with Mama Bee Marketing. Picture change outs, phone number updates, change of address? All Free. Lets say you want to take over administrative rights to your website? Transfers of ownership are free, every time!

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